“Can you speak English?” was the question being directed at those occupying tables near me. I had seen this young woman, the one asking the question, earlier. Her extremely slight build had caught my attention as I stood at the counter at Fruttis waiting to be served. I was sitting at my table with my journal and iPad opened in front of me when the question was finally directed at me. I answered, “Yes”. The woman sat down, and looking at what I had in front of me asked if I was a writer. I said, “I write, but I'm not a writer”. She told me she was a writer. “Can I ask you a question?” she enquired. “Sure”, I replied. There was a 'I'm a little embarrassed to ask this question' look on her face. She then said, “Can animals write on the other side?”. I understood immediately she was asking me when animals die and cross over
to the spirit world do they have the ability to write? I considered this most unusual enquiry and said, “If animals do have a spirit that passes into another dimension, and in that dimension there is such a concept as writing, then if the animal did not have the ability in this life to write it probably would not have that ability in the next.” She seemed satisfied with my answer, got up as abruptly as she had sat down and left.

Every question is deserving of a considered response, no matter what. This is, after all, Abadiania.

Jenny, one of the UK group staying at the same pousada as me, told me of the problem she was having with her sight, which was failing her. Close to the end of her stay she went before Medium Joao electing to have a physical operation. For those unfamiliar with the physical operation, most are done either by scraping the surface of the eye with a scalpel or other type of knife, or inserting a piece of wadding clamped between the ends of a pair of medical clamps, up the nose about 10cm, holding the head forward and pulling the instrument rapidly out of the nose. These two operations are done for a variety of conditions, neither if which, according
to the entities are necessary, but, as humans we feel more convinced and are more likely to believe that healing is taking place if there is some physical evidence of it.

While having her eye scraped Jenny had with her her prescription glasses which I was later told by someone else had cost her a goodly sum. After the operation the entity, acting through Medium Joao, took hold of the glasses, snapped them in two while telling her, “You won't be needing these anymore!” I'm waiting for a report from the UK.

Faith is all that's required. This is, after all, Abadiania.

Sitting at a meal at the pousada after most of the UK group had left were Rob, Torgunn, a Norwegian woman, and me. Torgunn was describing the family farm she had recently acquired when Rob asked her what she was going to do with it. “I'd like to teach people how to communicate with the elves.” Naturally, my curiosity quickly reached boiling point at the mention of this most unusual choice of occupation. In
this and ensuing conversations I learned how Torgunn could not see the elves but they communicated with her; how they had led her to a beautiful part of the property she had not previously seen (This in itself was extraordinary because not only was it
near the farm house but she had a great familiarity with the property, it having been in her family for decades, although not lived in for many years.); how there are fruit and vegetable angels who communicate with the elves about the correct way to make things grow; and how she was worried about her village finding out about her proposed occupation and the reaction they might have to it. I have to say that on a couple of occasions I purposely directed the conversation to elves, it having caught
my imagination like no other topic was able. Because there were so many cat lovers in the group it was for me a blessed relief and far, far more interesting to talk about elves than cats. Rob suggested to Torgunn that if she was going to use the farm for that sort of work she would have to concern herself with 'occupational, elf, and safety, and later asked, in the event of her being injured, would she be relying on 'National elf'. She took it in good spirit after what was not lost in translation was explained.

The variety of conversation topics is boundless. This is, after all, Abadiania.

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