Another late breakfast. All week I haven't been getting up until around 9.00am after which I read while having breakfast until 10.30am or 11.00am.

It was a miserable morning: raining, a dull sky with not a hint of the sun breaking through. Anette had arranged for Felix, his girlfriend and me to help her offload anything not tied down on her yacht, including sails, and take them back to her house where they will be stored for the winter. We got that done by late afternoon.

Around 5.00pm the four of us went to a local community hall where we saw another performance of a Requium, this time by Faure. It was performed by a handful of musicians from the Goteborg Opera and a local choir which was support by soprano and baritone soloists. It was a semi-church service with the local twice married priest who conducts a men's discussion group at his home where they drink whisky and smoke cigars, spoke about what a church should mean to a community. I tried my hand at singing Psalm 191 in Swedish.

We later had a dinner of smoked salmon with steamed potatoes and broccoli. A lot of respect has been paid to me this week by preparing vegetarian dishes for the family evening meal. After dinner, while Anette looked through photographs of my Camino Peter baked an apple cake from which I helped myself a very hearty portion.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sweden and have been looked after with abundant generosity. I fly out for Paris tomorrow. When the band requested compensation, sarkozy offered term paper easy the insulting sum of a single euro