I’ve decided to not post each day beyond this post. If there is something I need to say I’ll say it. A�There is a similar pattern about each day. Saturday to Tuesday are slow news days. Wednesday to Friday, Casa days, more happens, but there is a similar pattern to them. I am, of course, speaking about the physical world. A�Energetically, there is something happening all the time. A�Energy knows no temporal boundaries. A�Below are brief summaries of the last four days.


09.09.2014 Tuesday

A very slow news day. More people arrive in town by buses in readiness for tomorrow. You can feel the energy of the town building as it becomes more active with people going about their preparations. I managed two hours of meditations and an afternoon massage.


10.09.2014 Wednesday

I sat in current for both sessions today, the first commencing at 7.35am and ending at 11.15am and the second, from 2.30pm to 6.20pm A�was more of a challenge. During these times it is important to remain focused with eyes closed all the time. Having your eyes closed for nearly five hours and keeping focus may appear something of a challenge, but its surprising how the time passes provided you are able to submit to the process and accept that however long the session is going to take is how long it takes.

The current room is the one through which people first pass before reaching the Entity which/who is incorporated into the Medium, Joao de Deus (John of God). It seats about seventy people all of whom are sitting, eyes closed and focused on the task at hand which is to assist with cleansing the energy fields of those people passing through it. All those sitting in current receive healing from the many entities who populate this area. Energetically, it is a beautiful area in which to be. I love being there.


11.09.2014 Thursday

Again, I was in current for the whole of the day. The first session lasting from 7.30am to 11.10am and the second from 1.30pm to 3.15pm.

Conversation at the meal table at the pousada has picked up. In my first week there were two distinct groups that were being led by a guides. These groups largely kept to themselves. A�There was just a few of us who were there without a guide. This week we’ve had women arrive from Panama, Ecuador and USA (formerly from Cuba); a husband and wife from USA (formerly Soviet Union) and the USA. Also, there are two groups, both from the USA, which have guides.


12.09.2014 Friday

I had another intervention today. Intervention is the word currently being used for what used to be called ‘surgery’ or ‘operation’. I may have mentioned this in a previous blog, but as I understand it there was some pressure to change the word, pressure which probably came from the medical fraternity. Ordinarily, when we think of surgery we think of incision and possibly excision. Not so with spiritual surgery. You don’t have to understand the process. A�This is commonly the case with conventional surgery. Have you every had an operation or some other medical intervention and were not told by your doctor details of the actual process to be used? You probably knew of that process in broad terms and that was enough. A�Did you feel that you needed to know details of the process? Probably not. A�Most of us have been prescribed a drug at some stage in our lives. A�Was the pharmacological/neurological pathways taken by that drug to achieve the desired result explained to you by your doctor? A�I think not. A�You trusted in the process and the doctor. It is the same with spiritual surgery. It requires trust in the process and the Entity (the healer).

I volunteered for today’s intervention which occurred around 8.30am. A�Again, it was about prostate cancer. A�After the intervention I purchased my herbs and caught a taxi back to the pousada. A�Getting the taxi is part of the post-intervention protocols of preserving energy and not doing anything too physical. A�Other parts of the protocol include not having any energy work done on your body (e.g., reiki or some types of massage); not raising your level of sexual energy; not going into the sun (a powerful source of energy); and not speaking with other people for 24 hours (which translates as staying in your room for that time and having someone else bring you your meals). A�The 24 hour period is a time for reflection, introspection and healing. A�You have to do your part.

As soon as I lay on my bed around 8.50am I became aware of a fuzzy to scrambled sensation in my head. A�It was like a buzzing without the sound. A�A vibration. A�It began to lessen in intensity around 6.00pm, but was still with me when I went to sleep. A�Around 1.00pm I started to get a pain in my pelvic area above my prostate which intensified over the next few hours and, like the feeling in my head, was still with me when I went to sleep. A�It’s worth telling that between sitting down in the area where the intervention took place the physical participation by me was to place my right hand over my prostate (the right hand is to be placed over the area to be healed and if more than one areas requires healing the right hand is placed over the heart), sitting with eyes closed and listening to a woman saying something in Portuguese for about ten minutes. A�That was it on the physical level. A�Everything else happens energetically.

I came to Abadiania with a narrow focus. A�My attention was directed to healing my prostate of cancer, nothing else. A�This has been my limited focus on each of the previous three times I’ve been here. A�What I’ve learned, which is something I did not learn on those three earlier trips, was to not limit my expectations, my desires, my wishes, my intentions. A�I’ve learned to be open to any possibility. A�I’ve also learned that even though I might have wanted my prostate healed that was not going to happen until I was ready for it to happen. A�There may be other things that needed healing before that occurs. A�What you receive here is not what you want but what you need. A�Sometimes they are the same thing, but for the rest of the time they are not. A�Another thing I’ve learned is that healing is a gradual process. A�Yes, there have been people who’ve come to Abadiania who have had a ‘miraculous’ result, but generally that is not the case. A� You need to submit to and have faith or belief in the process. Similar figures for last year had the iphone 5 accounting for 68 percent of sales, and the iphone 4s contributing to 23 percent of total sales