I awoke this morning with a fuzzy feeling in my frontal lobes and was unsteady on my feet. I’d been like this since arriving last Monday. I’m trying to re-assure myself that it has nothing to do with DVT’s which I’ve had before from long haul flights. I’m still able to blog so I’m feeling more confident about my non-diagnosis by the day. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so cavalier.

I had my spiritual intervention today, the aim of which was to heal my prostate of cancer. This type of intervention has similarities with other well known types of therapies like Reiki and acupuncture in that they involve the manipulation of energy to achieve a desired outcome. The acupuncturist uses a needle to access a meridian (an energy pathway) to clear a blockage with the aim of returning the patient to health. The difference between those therapies and what I had today is that the ‘person’ manipulating the energy is from the spirit world. And that’s an aspect that a lot of people would not accept. What was involved was to sit in a room with a number of other people who were there for the same purpose, but, of course, with different medical conditions being dealt with. I placed my hand over my prostate and listened while a man spoke in Portuguese. The process took about 25 minutes after which I purchased some herbs and got a cab back to my pousada. I then went to my room for 24 hours during which time I did not speak with anyone. One of the other residents, Johnny, from New Zealand brought me my meals. These strictures are part of the protocols. All throughout the night I had a rising level of discomfort, not pain, in my prostate. Something was happening. The discomfort did not exist before the intervention and had eased by the time I awoke on Saturday morning.

I’m re-reading Bruce Lipton’s book ‘The Biology of Belief’. A belief is a form of energy. (I believe) having a belief in what happens here in Brazil is an important element of the process I undertook today. We can use belief both wittingly and unwittingly to impact us at a cellular level. If you think about what we know as the ‘placebo effect’ you will appreciate how a belief can alter our physiology. A person is given the ‘placebo’ believing they’ve been given the ‘real McCoy’. Statistically, about 30% of people will receive a similar benefit as those who took the ‘real McCoy’, from a combination of the placebo and their belief. The placebo effect occurs unwittingly. What happened yesterday was done whittingly, but is conceptually more difficult to grasp than the idea of taking something tangible like a pill. That is, you have to form a belief about something intangible. A belief in a belief. Perhaps.

This is a very different place to any where else I’ve been for healing, but those who know me would realise that coming here is a quite normal thing for me to do. I haven’t exactly followed a conventional medical path. By the time of the single’s arrival, mgmt had already landed a few good billboard punches, but this marked their biggest success yet