After spending most of yesterday in self-imposed ‘exile’ I was looking forward to interacting with other residents this morning, but that had to wait until after 9.00am when my 24 hours finished. Part of the post-intervention protocols is to keep out of the sun (source of great energy) and not be physically active, so I walked around leisurely covered from top to bottom.

I spent some time this morning looking up Airbnb accommodation in New York. I’ve decided upon Greenwich Village. I’ve seen some fabulous places but I’m yet to find one that is available for the whole of the two weeks I’ll be there. I’ll definitely find something tomorrow.

This afternoon I went to the Casa and did three one hours meditation sessions. In between the first and the second session I had a crystal bed/bath (explanation following) and in between the second and the third an ice-cream (no explanation needed). I’ve previously mentioned the crystal bed which is sometimes referred to as a crystal bath. For me its a bed. It consists of an arm attached to a stand. The arm is positioned over a bed. Attached to the arm are seven quartz crystals pulsating through which are the seven colours of the spectrum, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. As you lay on the bed each individual pulsating light is directed at each of the seven chakras, being crown (top of the head), third eye (centre of forehead), throat (no explanation needed), heart (ditto), solar plexus (around the belly button), reproductive (behind the pelvic bone) and base (genitalia). For an explanation I’ve extracted what follows, with some amendments, from the internet:

According to traditional Indian medicine, throughout our body we have seven main energy
centres. These areas of strong energy are known as charkas. The word chakra comes from
the Sanskrit word for wheel, as ita��s believed these energy centres rotate and spin like wheels
around the subtle body. These seven main chakras are connected to our being on several
different levels a�� physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On the physical level each charka
governs a main organ or gland. As the charkas are essentially energy vortices, they vibrate at
different frequencies and resonate with different colours. If one or more of the seven main
chakras is blocked or is unable to vibrate freely, it results in an imbalance in the system. This
can manifest in physical ailments, emotional distress or mental upset. Using the crystal bed to
clear the energy and release blockages in the chakras enables the body to come back into
balance and to heal itself.

So there you have it. Just another accepted practice here in Abadiania.

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