Abadiania, at least our side of town, has a ghostly silence about it today. Shops are closed. Shutters are down. Very few people are walking the main strip. Even the dogs have taken a day off. It’s such a contrast with Casa days when there is such a bustle of activity. Some of the community gathered at the Casa at 9.00am to sing songs and hymns, but I didn’t go for this although I have done it on past visits. Our pousada is especially quiet because all but about five of us guests have left. It won’t last. Large numbers are expected tomorrow.

I put in a bit of time this morning searching on Airbnb for a place to stay in New York. I’ve now put in a request for an apartment in Greenwich Village. The application has to be approved by the apartment owner. Airbnb rules require the owner to get back to me within 24 hours of the application being lodged.
I had lunch today with a Casa guide who arrived yesterday to lead one of the groups that arrive tomorrow. She has a background in psychology and classical music and now uses sound as a healing medium. Western medicine already uses sound, for example, we have ultrasound as a diagnostic tool, and sound is used to break up kidney stones. She has people lay under her piano while she plays. I was assured that Bach is the No. 1 composer of healing music, followed by Mozart.

I did two hours of mediation at the Casa this afternoon, with a chocolate icy pole in between each hour. Treat time.

I’ve looked at the incoming and current guest board. 84% are women. While this may not reflect the division between men and women generally, it does appear that women make up at least 75% of those who come to Abadiania. No surprises here.

Yes, it’s a slow news day. Borrowing liberally proessaywriting.org from new wave heroes like new order and the talking heads, mgmt added a layer of emotional depth to a sonic realm often given over to cold detachment