I thought I’d begin today by saying something about what goes on here in Abadiania. I’ll continue with this theme in future blogs.

The Medium, Joao de Deus started doing his work at age 16, or to be more accurate he’s been incorporating entities that do the work since that age. He’s undedicated in an academic sense finishing school in second class. The entities are the spirit beings of people who once lived on the earth plane and who had particular skills such as doctors or other types of healers. My understanding is that Joao is not aware before he goes into trance state just which one of the half dozen or so entities will occupy him on any particular day. Apparently his work has been looked at by scientists from a number of countries including USA, Japan and France, as well as a Brazilian university. Anyone visiting here for the first time will have their beliefs challenged. Anyone reading this could be expected to have a high degree of scepticism. One thing I have learnt in the course of managing my cancers the way I have these past eleven years is that having a belief in what I do is fundamental to the success of any chosen therapy.

As I pointed out in yesterday’s blog my body clock is still out of sinc., waking as I did at 12.30am and not getting back to sleep for a number of hours. All I propose to do is wait it out. I’ve done it before. It just takes time.

I did my first ‘current’ today. I will talk later about what is current. But essentially we sit in the first room through which people pass who are queued to see the Medium. The room is a cleansing space, cleansing the energy fields of those who pass through on their way to the Medium. We sit in a semi-meditative state and from time to time do visualisations, as required by the person who is leading the group. The length of time these sessions take largely depends upon how many people wish to see the Medium. This morning’s session, for me, commenced at 8.00am ( I was 15 minutes late) and the session concluded at 12.10pm. These sessions are done with the eyes closed. There are reasons for this, one of which is to continuously preserve the integrity of the cleansing energy that builds up with about 70 people all acting with the same objective. It’s very tempting from time to time to just sneak a peek at how the line is progressing, but I don’t. I’ve done longer sessions, but not by much. The second line each day commences at 2.00pm. I was in my seat in current at 1.35pm and this session concluded at 4.40pm. So you can see that for the days the Casa is operating this is pretty much all you get done.

On previous visits I’d take a 40 minute walk after the afternoon session, however, it commenced to rain so I gave it a miss. Maybe tomorrow. It’s 8.45pm as I type this paragraph and everyone is in their rooms getting a full night’s sleep ahead of tomorrow. I hope I’m one of those to get in a big sleep. Opening on a playground of screaming children and rising into a sweet, driving synth riff, kids feels instantly nostalgic even the first time you i am not going to do my homework in spanish hear it